The ability to analyze large amounts of data with advanced algorithms,
is a prerequisite for your business‘ future success.

Our Services

We offer individual solutions for machine learning and big data. As part of KI group we appreciate and embody the interaction with our business partners working in digital media, with industry experts, human resources specialists, strategists, developers, data experts, project managers and lifestylers.

  • Individual Solutions

    Today’s business world faces variable challenges.
    Our specific solutions help mastering them!

    Predictive Maintenance</font color>

    Customer Analytics

    Churn Prevention

    Pricing Optimization

    Fraud Detection

    Risk Management

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  • Cross-Industry Services

    Your industry does not matter: our methods realise added value irrespective of your field of work. They have proven themselves in many areas:







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  • Broad Range of Methods

    Being proficient in different methods, we chose the right solution from a broad range of machine learning methods:

    Classical methods

    Bayesian Statistics and Inference

    Modelling of stochastic processes

    Neural Networks

    Deep Learning

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  • Data Sources

    Not every database is suitable for any task.
    We’re well aware of all advantages and disadvantages of the data stores listed below to always chose the most convenient one:

    SQL (MSSQL Server, MySQL, DB2, SQLite)








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  • Systems

    It‘s about the method, not the system used. Therefore, we do not commit ourselves to one single system but offer expertise in many common analysis systems:

    Azure Analytics








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COLOGNE AI #1 with Palantir, Comma Soft & aiso-lab

The applied AI community in Cologne is launching this Mearch!

PEER TALKS @ #1 Cologne AI

I. Anirvan Mukherjee / Computer Scientist @ Palantir Technologies – Machine learning for industrial complexity
II. Andrej Fischer
/ deputy head Data Science Consulting @ Comma Soft AG – Data driven production line diagnostics – Some hard-learned lessons
III. Joerg Bienert
/ Founder and CEO @ aiso-lab – the evolution of artificial intelligence during the past years, its technologies, machine-learning and ways to use in different industries

Come and check it out! You’ll find more information here!


Who we are

We are a fast growing team of highly motivated data scientists. Each one of us is a recognized expert in his own field of machine learning – be it predictions on images, sound, voice, geo, social media or structured data. Our knowledge portfolio’s deapth and breadth makes us a unique provider, as well as our interactive culture and our knowledge transfer.

That’s what analytics means to us

Today, our ability to collect and analyze data are of unimagined extent. Nevertheless, experts still make decisions based on gut feelings. In this age of big data and modern machine learning methods, more and more applications emerge, in which computer systems can help eliminate sources of presuppositions and make (faktenbasierte / fundierte) decisions. Such systems support experts in making more informed, less flawed decisions.

We believe in Open Source

Innovations are often recombinations of already existing ideas. The open source movement creates unprecedented transparency and leads to a sharply rising rate of innovation. By emphasising transparency, we accelerate the analysis process. We thus support your transformation to a data-driven enterprise.

Testing is in our DNA

Testing is the indispensable scientific process of ongoing formulation and testing of hypotheses. This process is deeply rooted in KI analytics‘ genome.

We believe that our testing culture generates added value – by using modern algorithms and sound statistical analysis applied to your company’s generated data. We would like to share this culture with you. We believe that your employees should be enabled with turn-key on demand analytics.

Management Team

  • Steffen Braun

    CEO Technology Expert and Visionary

    „Brings technological visions to life“

    15+ years of technology expertise

    Executive management of German tech companies with activities in the fields Mobile, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Collaboration and SaaS

    Company Building

    15+ years of process and rollout consulting

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  • Dr. Peter Jung

    Head of Analytics Data Scientist and Analytics Expert

    „Teaches machines to learn"

    10+ years of software engineering and analytics expertise

    Project experience in risk management, corporate management, DWH in banks, insurance

    Expertise in cryptography, block chain technology, algorithms, signal processing, AI, ML

    PhD in theoretical physics

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Partners and Investments

Our mission is to find the best solution available for any new business model and every new issue. This solution may emerge from within our own companies or from collaborating with our specialists network, comprising classic vendors, unicorns, young startups or single individuals. We screen trends, networks and technological developments consistently and extensively. We complement our global network continuously.

We evaluate top provider’s performance and therefore always apply the most suitable solutions in our projects. Among others, we cooperate with the following partners:


We believe in the “I-can do it” culture

At KI analytics we see ourselves as consulting scientists. As technological innovators in the field of machine learning, we contribute to our client’s digitization strategy. We consider ourselves at the perimeter of expanding knowledge whenever new sources of data are digitized and used for optimized business decisions. We also consider ourselves as intermediary between our partner companies that drive innovation in Data Sciences and the businesses that rely on a forward-looking strategy. Along with our partner companies, we offer holistic solutions for designing and implementing data science solutions as well as helping with structural changes needed for a business to effectively leverage business analytics to achieve their goals.

We have a special interest in learning. First, we understand that continuous learning is an essential process in order to legitimate our way in a constantly changing world. Therefore, training and development form a central part at KI analytics. Furthermore we deal with self learning machines and artificial intelligence technologies, making us both students and educators of the upcoming AI.

What to expect at KI analytics

We have a vision of a future-oriented company. We don’t have fixed office hours – as long as your work is done, it’s up to you to determine your schedule. We provide support so you can focus on the mission and your productivity, freeing up time for work and leisure for your friends and family.

Being part of KI group, we always like to stay in touch with the whole company. Twice a year, we meet at a central venue . During one of these venues, the family is warmly welcome. Take part in our adventure to let our vision come true!

Hiring process

At KI analytics, we solve challenging problems. If you are looking for this kind of responsibility, then we’d love you to join our team!

Our application process

To apply, you don’t have to submit a resume at full length. Just send us a short CV, a writing sample or simply a short message indicating that you‘d like to learn more about KI analytics.

In a first step we’ll set up a phone interview. During that first conversation, we’d like to get to know you better: tell us about your lessons learned, your knowledge and your personal interest in KI analytics. Of course it’s not a single-sided conversation; we will also introduce ourselves and give you a first impression of our projects, our work and our company culture. If both parties then have the feeling that this could be a good match, we invite you to a personal interview to meet in person. We’d then ask some technical questions about software development, algorithms and data structures, in order to classify your specific talents.



KI analyics GmbH

Mittelstrasse 12-14 50672 Köln
w3w address: /// anfrage.ereignen.rahmen /// cycle.trout.hovered

Fax +49 221 788723-10


By public transport

From Cologne main station take the subway to Neumarkt/Brühl (lines 16,18). Get off at Neumarkt and take the rise Mayersche bookstore. Go straight to the church/Photo Gregor and cross the square right next to the church. There you go a short way in the Apostelnstraße and turn left into the Mittelstraße. Immediately on the right side (on the left is the pastor-Could-Platz) our office is located in the Mittelstr. 12-14 Building B (“Bushido”) at the 3rd floor.

Note: For information about public transport in Cologne see:


By car

Please type the adress of the Garage next to us („Parkhaus Bazaar de Cologne“) into your navigation device. The adress is

Große Brinkgasse 11

50672 Köln

Leave the Garage directly to the Mittelstraße 12-14 Haus B („Bushido“) to the 3rd floor. There you will find our office.

KI analytics is a member of KI group